Welcome to the Woods

The silhouette of a wolf howling in front of a sunset, silhouettes of trees on either side of it in the background
Artwork by Crixsartos Artogenos

Hear my cry in the night, echoing through the forest.

My name is Lucogarâ Noxtouiduâ which means “Wolf’s cry of the Night Forest”. I am an initiated member and Riganâ of Galatîs Litauiâs. This site will be primarily focused on Gaulish Polytheism, specifically my personal practice of Mantalon Uiducûnos or “Way of the Wolf”.

My practice revolves heavily around Bronze Age to Iron Age war-bands, ancient Stone Age hunter-gatherers and early agriculture. While I do hope that this site is informative, much of what is on here are my personal beliefs so please keep that in mind while you are reading my work.

Welcome and I look forward to sharing with you all!