Lugus & Rosmertâ

Roaming the land with his hounds, the young Lugus was wild and free. He wanted for nothing, for the hunt provided him food, the forest provided him shelter, and anything else he could take through strength or cunning. He was a renowned hunter, master of all forms of combat and strategy. Never had he tasted defeat at the hands of man or beast. A proud warrior, golden of hair and quick of wit, Lugus was fearless in the face of any challenge, but he soon found one that would put him to the ultimate test.

Bounding through the forest, his spear seeking blood and his hounds at his side, Lugus chased after a great boar. The hunt consumed him, and he was close to his kill when a soft voice echoed throughout the woods. A gentle singing filled the air and mesmerized brave Lugus. Dropping his spear and abandoning the hunt, he began looking for the source of that beautiful sound. In search of the melody, he came across a farm surrounded by fields of golden wheat. This was the home of the fair Rosmertâ, Lady of the Harvest. Lugus was struck by her beauty and swore to make her his bride at any cost. He approached the auburn-haired woman and declared his love for her, however she rejected him. “I see you, brave warrior, and I have no need for a man who knows nothing but death.” she said as she returned to tending her fields.

Not to be deterred by his scorned affections, Lugus sought the aid of the wise Sucellos. “Great Sucellos, Lord of Wealth and Guardian of the Gate, what must I do to win the hand of the sweet Rosmertâ?” The King in the Deep reached out with his mighty hand and clasped the warrior on the shoulder, with booming voice he spoke “You show promise, young Lugus. Rosmertâ wants someone by her side to care for the land with her.” Lugus thanked Sucellos for his aid and travelled into Antumnos to meet with the Smith Gobanos to craft him a new spear. The Master of the Forge was unimpressed that Lugus had shown such disrespect towards his tools when he had abandoned his spear in search of Rosmertâ’s singing. The Smith refused to make Lugus a weapon but offered to teach the youth the art of craftsmanship so that he may make the spear himself. Lugus trained under Gobanos day and night until the spear was forged, hard won through sweat and blood. With his weapon now made, Lugus returned to the home of Rosmertâ and declared he would be her protector in exchange for her hand, however she again rejected him. “I see you, skilled craftsman, and I have no need for a man who knows nothing but battle.” she said as she returned to tending her orchards.

Pondering his next move, Lugus sat near a lazy stream when he was approached by the silent Carnonos. “Great Carnonos, River King and Watcher of the Worlds, what must I do to win the hand of kind Rosmertâ.” The Antlered Lord was quiet for a moment and in a voice barely louder than a whisper he spoke “You show promise, young Lugus. Rosmertâ wants someone to be her equal in matters of the mind.” Lugus thanked Carnonos for his aid and, struck with inspiration, he travelled the land in search of materials for something to impress Rosmertâ. Once he had acquired what he needed, Lugus crafted the first lyre and practice day and night until his music was as beautiful as the singing that first drew him to Rosmertâ’s door. He returned to her home and serenaded her with songs so wonderful that the birds wept in jealously, however she rejected again him. “I see you, gentle artist, and I have no need for a man who knows nothing but his desires.” she said as she returned to collecting the pots for the mead.

At last defeated, Lugus wandered until he came to the vineyard of Nantosueltâ. “Great Nantosueltâ, Lady of the Vine and Queen of Antumnos, what must I do to show Rosmertâ that my heart belongs to her and that I only wish for her to love me as I love her?” The Lady of the Valley smiled and extended her hand for him to follow her, with gentle voice she spoke “You show promise, young Lugus. Rosmertâ wishes only for someone to be by her side.” Guiding him through the vineyard to the apiary, Nantosueltâ taught Lugus how to care for the hive and how to gather honey for the mead. Lugus asked if he may take it to Rosmertâ himself and Nantosueltâ agreed. He thanked her for her aid and returned to the home of Rosmertâ. He offered her the honey and asked simply if he could help her with the mead making, which she accepted. “I see you, kind Lugus, and I will gladly be yours as you are mine for you know my heart as I know yours.” She said while taking his hand. And so, they made the mead together, cared for the orchards together and tended the fields together ever since. Lugus would continue to roam the forests with his hounds from time to time but now he is accompanied by his children as well, born of his beautiful Rosmertâ.


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