When the final breath escapes your lips, the Antlered Lord will come to claim you. Silent Carnonos will take you by the hand and you will be free of the weariness of the world. A child once more, you will walk with the White Stag King to the Great River where he will ferry you to Gates of Antumnos. There you will meet the kind Sucellos and the gentle Nantosueltâ, who will take you from Carnonos and lead you through their garden to a place you can rest. Food and drink will be waiting for you along with all your loved ones, once lost now found. Rest if you wish, for life is hard and death is peaceful. The meadows here are vast and sunlit, the rivers slow and cool. Every tree is filled with fruit and the bread is always warm. Sweet music fills the air, inviting you to dance should you wish. Some of your kin may choose to move on but worry not as you will see them in life as you now see them in death. Others will choose to stay, and you will see them again when you come back to this realm. When you are ready to taste the joys of living, you will rejoin Sucellos and Nantosueltâ in their garden. They will bring you back to the Gates where the River Father Carnonos awaits to begin the cycle anew.


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