The Three-Faced Wanderer

In Mantalon Uiducûnos, Lugus is associated with ravens, bags of coins, lyres, and spears. Husband to Rosmertâ, Lugus aids her with the harvest during the autumn. He is usually depicted with three faces which I believe makes him a God of Knowledge, as he sees the past, present and future all at once and may be called upon when seeking advise or aid in a creative endeavor. As many of the Dêuoi were absorbed into the enigmatic “Gaulish Mercury“, Lugus may have been one such being.

Lugus is the Master of All Skills. Forging the destinies of all who live as he forges his Great Spear. Lugus bestows the gifts of creativity and wisdom to those skilled enough to use them, even if they do not realize it themselves. He also sends omens, on written on the wings of ravens, for those with the abilities to read his prophecies.

The Inventor of the Arts, Lugus is skilled in all manner of artistic abilities and shares those skills with the people. God of Arts, Lugus creates beauty in the world around us and may be called upon when working on an artistic project. He may be credited with investing the lyre that Gaulish bards were fond of playing.

He is a guardian of travellers and merchants, keeping wanderers safe as he himself wanders the land. Ruler over commerce, he ensures that business is conducted fairly and free of deception. Pacts made by invoking Lugus are as binding as chains, for to go back on an oath is to anger the God himself.

It is my belief that as he is a wandering God, that Lugus is only one of his names. There is very little evidence for him in archeology so it is my belief that this is a name that he uses now but may have gone by another in the past. As the most we have is the Roman name of “Mercury”, as well as several other Gods who could fit that title, anything written about Lugus will be heavily based in gnosis.


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