What is Mantalon Uiducûnos

Mantalon Uiducûnos or “Way of the Wolf” is a reconstructed path of Gaulish Polytheism based around the ancient war-bands of Gaul during the Bronze Age to early Iron Age. While focused on warriors and hunters, Mantalon Uiducûnos does not promote violence. Rather it emphasized the importance of inner strength, honour, loyalty, and duty so that you are able to take care of yourself, your family, and your community.

Mantalon Uiducûnos is a return to the primal, reconnecting with the Spirits of the Earth and the Dêuoi through an animistic approach. Just as the young men of Gaul and older Proto-Indo-European cultures would view themselves as animals, namely wolves, during their time serving in the war-bands, so too must we view ourselves not as separate from the natural world, but a part of it. No different than the birds in the sky, the fish in the rivers or the animals hunting in the forest. Agriculture plays a large role in Mantalon Uiducûnos as one should always be mindful of where their food came from and the work required to put that food on our plates.

The Dêuoi worshiped in Mantalon Uiducûnos are as follows:

  • The Wolf Lords
    • Sucellos, Wolf-cloaked Guardian and Caretaker of the land
    • Entarabos, Wolf-cloaked Protector and Shepherd between rivers
  • The Divine Queens
    • Nantosueltâ, Queen of the Valley and Lady of the Vine
    • Rosmertâ, Queen of the Fields and Lady of the Harvest
  • The Three-Face Wanderer
    • Lugus, Master of all skills and Lord of Prophecy
  • The Horned Lords
    • Carnonos, Antlered Watcher on the Water and Guide to the Dead
    • Camulos, the Ram-Horned Fire and Defender of the people

Each will have their own article that goes into more detail as to who they are and what their role is in Mantalon Uiducûnos. Stories are being written as well that will tell the tales of the Dêuoi in a way that an article on them simply cannot. This article is to serve as an introduction to this path. Mantalon Uiducûnos is currently being constructed so more articles will be written in the future that further expands on it.

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