Fallen warrior of mighty Gaul
You let loose the ancient battle cry
Together you stood proud and tall
Shields strong, swords to the sky

No fear found on your weathered faces
To be free, you chose to stand and fight
Against invaders from far off places
To defend your home, too late to unite

To safety, a path you tried to carve
For the sick, the young, and the old
Caesar instead let them freeze and starve
Trapped in no man’s land, in bitter cold

Roman walls locked you in a cage
Plans fell apart, chaos and confusion
Still you fought with strength and rage
Until surrender was the only solution

Bravely you rode out to face your foe
Everything lost, a struggle in vain
A people once so high, now brought low
The sting of defeat, an agonizing pain

Gaul, through Alesia, fell to a tyrant
This felt like the end to your story
The Dêuoi wept, Their voices made silent
Lost was the age of valour and glory

We honour you, brave fallen dead
And celebrate your lingering legacy
We carry on the fight in your stead
To end, at last, oppression and tyranny

Alesia was a pivotal battle during the Gallic Wars as the defeat of Vergincetorix at the hands of Julius Caesar essentially marked the end of Gaulish independence. From 52BC to the fall of the Roman Empire, Gaul became a Roman province and its people would slowly become Roman themselves.


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