The Eclipse

Let the moon be your guide, silver-eyed child, as you walk to the river. After tonight you shall be a girl no longer but a woman, rejoice in your becoming. Sing the songs of your mothers, dance the dances of your grandmothers, your ancestors are here with you. Every woman must walk this path and now it is your turn.

Approach the black wolf sitting by the riverbank and enter her jaws. Have no fear as you are devoured, the pain will fade in time. In birth, death and rebirth there is always blood and pain. Your girlhood dies as you become one with the amber-eyed wolf. Through blood you join your mothers, sisters, grandmothers and all those who came before you.

Embrace the joy of running free on strong legs and swift paws, cry out your elation at life renewed, enjoy the rush of the wind racing through your fur. You are wild, untamed and powerful but still you bleed. This blood will always remind you of this time of new beginnings. Blood will always guide you back to this place.

Return to the river and wash away the blood. Washed from newborn babes, washed from the initiated and washed from the dead. When you are clean, return to your village golden-eyed woman and know who you are. Wolf-born daughter, let no one muzzle your voice, bind your strength or cage your heart. You were born free and it is your birthright to sing, dance and howl.


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