In this section, I will be discussing my views on the Dêuoi that I worship. While these articles are heavily researched, they are ultimately about my relationship with these beings. This is how I see them and how I connect to them.

The Divine Queens

In Mantalon Uiducûnos, Rosmertâ and Nantosueltâ are seen as the Divine Queens. Rosmertâ is the Queen of the Field and Lady of the Harvest while Nantosueltâ is the Queen of the Valley and the Lady of the Vine. I associate them with the autumn and spring respectively. Rosmertâ Rosmertâ is associated with mead, crops such […]

The Three-Faced Wanderer

In Mantalon Uiducûnos, Lugus is associated with ravens, bags of coins, lyres, and spears. Husband to Rosmertâ, Lugus aids her with the harvest during the autumn. He is usually depicted with three faces which I believe makes him a God of Knowledge, as he sees the past, present and future all at once and may […]