Myths & Stories

While I’m no Bardos, I am always thinking of new story ideas to try and revive tales of the Dêuoi that have been lost to the sands of time. I have no way of proving that these myths would have been told by the Ancient Gauls but I hope that you enjoy them none the less. I also just enjoy storytelling so not all of what I’ll write here will be myths.

Writing about dreams

There is life in the realms of sleeping. Dreams, memories, prophecies. Places we long for and places we wish to forget. Our nighttime travels reveal the unseen hidden in the shadowy mists of illusion. We swim in clouds of vibrant colours unknown to waking eyes. We fall into oceans of music so beautiful and strange […]

The Eclipse

Let the moon be your guide, silver-eyed child, as you walk to the river. After tonight you shall be a girl no longer but a woman, rejoice in your becoming. Sing the songs of your mothers, dance the dances of your grandmothers, your ancestors are here with you. Every woman must walk this path and […]

Season of Flames

The horns of war blared loudly, jolting the two men awake in their tent. The oldest brother quickly donned his armour, grabbed his weapons and told his younger brother to hurry up before exiting their tent. The battle had already begun but there was no time to assess the situation, bandits where in the camp […]


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